Member Name: Leon Carreira

Member Screen Name: Shadowtiger04

Type of Mustang: S -197 GT (Noire)

Year: 2005

Member Bio (A little about yourself): I was born and raised on Oahu.  Noire is my 3rd mustang. I work at Farmers Insurance Hawaii.  I’m getting married on Feb. 19, 2011.  And the most likely reason why I didn’t turn into an lawnmower engine powered car lover is because my dad told me stories of his 55 Chevy, and his 65 GTO.  I’ve been in love with muscle cars ever since.  I’ve always loved NE’s.  The NE mustangs were probably the first ones that really got me into mustangs.

Interior/Audio Mods: Stock Shaker 1000 system

Engine Mods: K&N Cold-air intake, SLP Loudmouth axlebacks

Appearance Mods: None, unless you count the GT keychain I hung off the rearview mirror.  LoL.

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: Stock suspension and brakes.  20×8.5 in front and 20×10 in back

Drivetrain Mods: Stock

Future Mods: Intercooled Whipple supercharger system, Ford Racing track pack, and brakes… in another life… after I get a house.  LoL.

Member Name: Larry L. Roper

Member Screen Name: Tazmanhawaii

Type of Mustang: GT

Year: 1996

Member Bio: Born and raised in Hawaii, live in Kailua last 35 years. 30 years in the Hawaii Air National Guard. First Mustang 1967 Fastback hooked for life after that.

Interior/Audio Mods: 2003 door panels and center console

Engine Mods:  Cold Air Intake, O/R x-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers, Replaced Motor

Appearance Mods: HID Headlights, and Foglight Kits, Factory Cobra Head Lights

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: FRPP lowering springs, KYB struts, KYB 8 way adjustible rear shocks, Stock Brakes, Original Mach 1 Rims.

Drivetrain Mods: stock

Future Mods: Repaint

More Photos Soon.

Member Name: Eric Perez

Member Screen Name: Stangman1981

Type of Mustang: Mach 1

Year: 2004

Member Bio: My name is Eric, I was in the Army from 00-06 Stationed at Schofield. I currently work at Performance Auto Care

Interior/Audio Mods: Billet a/c knobs, white face guage cluster

Engine Mods:  stock

Appearance Mods: stock

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: stock / FR500 18×9 fronts, 18×10.5 rear

Drivetrain Mods: Aluminum flywheel, Stage 3 clutch, Aluminum driveshaft

Future Mods: 3.73 gears, throttle body, headers

MOTM Information Not Available.

Member Name: Leighton Siu

Member Screen Name: Mustang 24

Type of Mustang: Cobra – Terminator

Year: 2003

Member Bio: HPM member since fall of ’06 with my ’88 fox. Sold that and bought my ’95 5.0. Drove that for 2 years, sold it and found my ’03 terminator

Interior/Audio Mods: stock

Engine Mods:  Borla Exhaust with off road x pipe

Appearance Mods: stock

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: stock

Drivetrain Mods: stock

Future Mods: cams and long tube headers.

Member Name:Sid Weikel

Member Screen Name:Sid

Type of Mustang:Mustang GT


Member Bio (A little about yourself): Originally from Corpus Christi Texas. I been turning wrenches for about 23 years. This is my 21st Mustang to own. I really like building them. Once done with a car I’ll drive it for a few months then sell it and move on to a new project. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 15 years and we have two beautiful kids. I’ll be in Hawaii til 2012.

Interior/Audio Mods: Stock

Engine Mods: 2V modular engine swap w/ t45 transmission

Appearance Mods: none

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: lowering springs, ’01 GT front brakes, ’96 Cobra wheels

Drivetrain Mods:none

Future Mods: none

2001 Mustang GT

I bought my Stang in Nov. 19, 2009 from Servco auto for 7,000 cash with only 23,000 miles on it and have been slowly working on it for the past year.

So far I’ve:
*Installed BBK cold air intake.
*Rebuilt the trans.
*BBK O/R X pipe
*Flowmaster Super 40′s
*BBK Lowering springs 1.5″ with new shocks.
*BBK underdrive pulleys.
*Hypertech tuner
*New 17×9 bullets in front 17×10.5 rear w/ 315′s baby!
*Upgraded sound system
*Completely re-done braking system.

I gotta give thanks to the member of HPM for the help and support to help get the car where it is today.

I am honored to be a part of HPM and I thank all that voted for me for April 2010 Member of the Month. Also thanks to all for nominating me as the cruise director. I am honored and thank you again.

Chanan Brester

1969 Sportsroof

All original, matching numbers.

We bought my baby in April 2005 from Ebay and have been slowly working on it for the past 5 years.

So far we’ve:
*Completely replaced the steering.
*Had the engine & trans rebuilt.
*Replaced the rear end, gears, leaf springs.
*Sanded & cleaned the engine bay and painted it (with the help of some very dedicated HPM members)
*replaced the carpet
*had the seats reupholstered
*changed the cracked dash
*complete body work & paint

And of course a lot of little things.  This car would not be anywhere close to where it is now without the help of HPM.

I am very proud to be a part of HPM and I thank everyone that voted for me for March 2010 Member of the Month.


I am Matt Berry (mberry on the forum) I have a 1988 5.0 Mustang Convertible. The only mustang I have ever owned. I havnt always been into mustangs. Being from Colorado, 4wd was alot bigger than street cars. But there isnt a whole lot of room for 4wd out here, so i though a mustang would be fun. And im hooked. So far the mustang has gone from a white with ugly taillights, automatic, daily driver to a black/blue, weekend cruiser/SCCA track car with a T-5. I have spent
countless hours on mods and playing with the car. Most recently Ive been working on a 5lug+coilover+big brake conversion.