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1969 Sportsroof

All original, matching numbers.

We bought my baby in April 2005 from Ebay and have been slowly working on it for the past 5 years.

So far we’ve:
*Completely replaced the steering.
*Had the engine & trans rebuilt.
*Replaced the rear end, gears, leaf springs.
*Sanded & cleaned the engine bay and painted it (with the help of some very dedicated HPM members)
*replaced the carpet
*had the seats reupholstered
*changed the cracked dash
*complete body work & paint

And of course a lot of little things.  This car would not be anywhere close to where it is now without the help of HPM.

I am very proud to be a part of HPM and I thank everyone that voted for me for March 2010 Member of the Month.


I am Matt Berry (mberry on the forum) I have a 1988 5.0 Mustang Convertible. The only mustang I have ever owned. I havnt always been into mustangs. Being from Colorado, 4wd was alot bigger than street cars. But there isnt a whole lot of room for 4wd out here, so i though a mustang would be fun. And im hooked. So far the mustang has gone from a white with ugly taillights, automatic, daily driver to a black/blue, weekend cruiser/SCCA track car with a T-5. I have spent
countless hours on mods and playing with the car. Most recently Ive been working on a 5lug+coilover+big brake conversion.

Wow! MOTM again for Hawaii Performance Mustangs-what a privilege. Thank you all who voted for me.

It does come at a bittersweet time. I can’t give like I did in the past due to my current employment situation. It is just not me to give manini size donations. I know it supposedly should be give what you can but really, we spend big monies on our cars and then donate small. Sorry for saying that  but then again that is why we can be seen as scourges by the non-car enthusiasts population and I can’t really blame them.

And because of that I thought I better slow down and reevaluate how I continue on my new project Stang. It is a 91 LX Light Crystal Blue Coupe-4 banger type. I can rebuild the engine to go turbo-probably be better than the SVO ones. Yet that take money. I do have some parts to convert it to a SBF but I do want to stay EFI. The carb set-up would be for the naturally aspirated 351W stroker! Yeah right! Too much to ponder with too little to spend. Oh well. And please no parts selling for I don’t know right now what direction I want to  with what I have so don’t ask. I would tell if I feel I don’t need a part.

Yes, the sign of the times is not good. Yet that doesn’t give us the right to be the center of a self-important universe. Why say that? It is only when we decide to help out, be courteous and considerate to other decent souls that things can get better.

To end this text, I do want to thank those who been nice and helped me with my car and put up with my bad thinking. Avoid gas leaks for the resulting incident will scar you for the rest of the life. Thank you!