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Member Name: Leighton Siu

Member Screen Name: Mustang 24

Type of Mustang: Cobra – Terminator

Year: 2003

Member Bio: HPM member since fall of ’06 with my ’88 fox. Sold that and bought my ’95 5.0. Drove that for 2 years, sold it and found my ’03 terminator

Interior/Audio Mods: stock

Engine Mods:  Borla Exhaust with off road x pipe

Appearance Mods: stock

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: stock

Drivetrain Mods: stock

Future Mods: cams and long tube headers.

Member Name:Sid Weikel

Member Screen Name:Sid

Type of Mustang:Mustang GT


Member Bio (A little about yourself): Originally from Corpus Christi Texas. I been turning wrenches for about 23 years. This is my 21st Mustang to own. I really like building them. Once done with a car I’ll drive it for a few months then sell it and move on to a new project. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 15 years and we have two beautiful kids. I’ll be in Hawaii til 2012.

Interior/Audio Mods: Stock

Engine Mods: 2V modular engine swap w/ t45 transmission

Appearance Mods: none

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: lowering springs, ’01 GT front brakes, ’96 Cobra wheels

Drivetrain Mods:none

Future Mods: none