Member Name: Leon Carreira

Member Screen Name: Shadowtiger04

Type of Mustang: S -197 GT (Noire)

Year: 2005

Member Bio (A little about yourself): I was born and raised on Oahu.  Noire is my 3rd mustang. I work at Farmers Insurance Hawaii.  I’m getting married on Feb. 19, 2011.  And the most likely reason why I didn’t turn into an lawnmower engine powered car lover is because my dad told me stories of his 55 Chevy, and his 65 GTO.  I’ve been in love with muscle cars ever since.  I’ve always loved NE’s.  The NE mustangs were probably the first ones that really got me into mustangs.

Interior/Audio Mods: Stock Shaker 1000 system

Engine Mods: K&N Cold-air intake, SLP Loudmouth axlebacks

Appearance Mods: None, unless you count the GT keychain I hung off the rearview mirror.  LoL.

Suspension/Brake/Wheels: Stock suspension and brakes.  20×8.5 in front and 20×10 in back

Drivetrain Mods: Stock

Future Mods: Intercooled Whipple supercharger system, Ford Racing track pack, and brakes… in another life… after I get a house.  LoL.

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