Upcoming Events

May 9, 2010

Great event for a great cause!  This is our annual fundraiser to help us with our expenses, upkeep of our animals & to help provide scholarships to those kids who need it most.

If anyone would like to volunteer, let me know.  We’ll need help in the food area, shaved ice area, hay ride, THH store, pony rides, chasing down riders to get ready for their event (ahem, getting them our of the pony ride line, lol), parking, and other small tasks.

I would love for everyone to come out and have a GREAT time.  Bring your kids, your neighbor’s kids, your Aunties, Uncles, and your Tutu.  We’ll have pony rides, food, shaved ice, face painting, stick pony races, AND MGG gamer guys!!!  Woot!  And you’ll see our riders in action!  It’s very touching to see them ride.

Here’s our flyer, and I hope you all can make it out!