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General Discussion / Re: u might be a FOSTWHORE...
« Last post by Joe Babooze on Today at 07:03:56 AM »
Hey I've been a true blue Ford nut, but with the new asshat at the helm and problems with the new Mustang GT MT-82 shift fork and engine tick issues, I may call it quits with getting a new one.  They probably make Mustang into a hybrid SUV to compete against Jeep....stop listening to the soccer moms.
General Discussion / Re: Truckers that don't tie down their stuff
« Last post by Joe Babooze on Today at 06:59:12 AM »
H1 westbound after the Nimitz on ramp....overloaded flatbed with pallets.   Fell off the truck, hit and damage my GT.  Best part was, he sad it wasn't his pallet that hit my car.  So, now what ratchet menehunes throwing crap off of flat beds? Not your pallets, so now what, stolen? No drivers license either and probably working for cash....from da "west side".  Bruddah, you giving Waianae people a bad name. The worst part is, if it missed me and slammed into the roadway, could have caused a massive pileup.  He also said this never happened before and he does this all the time....SMH.  Now GEICO playing games after being with them since 1991.  This is starting to stink real bad....sorry for the rant.  Dummies too damn lazy to tie down their crap cuz they're working for cash on weekends, probably hauling stolen stuff.....they'll get away with no consequences, while I now gotta deal with the remnants of their stupidity.  Not ignorance, just pure stupid. 
General Discussion / Re: Truckers that don't tie down their stuff
« Last post by kalihicop on Yesterday at 04:10:11 PM »
Tow Mader!
General Discussion / Re: u might be a FOSTWHORE...
« Last post by kalihicop on Yesterday at 04:09:12 PM »
and just when I was beginning to appreciate my Ford Taurus!....
Official HPM Events / November General Meeting 2018
« Last post by FujsRC09 on Yesterday at 09:47:40 AM »
General Membership Meeting

Who: All members and their families, current and potential.

What: HPM  November General Membership Meeting:

When: Saturday 11/10/18 @ 5 pm.

Where: We are Homeless. No Wendy's Kapolei parking lot. The Kapolei McDonalds is too small. No space.   Any suggestions where to meet.

However if there is no suggestions on new place to meet. Will still be at Kapolei McDonalds somewhere in parking lot.
This club is still around even if only a few show up for the meeting.
Meeting is open to everyone, members and potential members. This is where you can sign up for official membership, purchase Club shirts, window stickers, key chains, and other merchandise.  Need to bring your own folding chair and umbrella to keep off the afternoon sun or rain.
Talk about club events, suggest and plan events. Hang out with fellow Mustang enthusiasts.

The Meet up at NEX to do a short cruise this past October meeting was a bust. There was just two cars. that met there.
General Discussion / Truckers that don't tie down their stuff
« Last post by Joe Babooze on October 21, 2018, 03:46:14 PM »
Ok, what has 3 teeth, no drivers license, and fails to tie down their load?
Projects / Re: Project: Vtec Smurf
« Last post by jscott192 on October 20, 2018, 11:56:07 AM »
Yeah lol. Weather has been crappy lately. Might not be able to make it out again this year lol.    Forgot to post this, but I finally got retune for the big throttle body. Yolo douchebag from Lund racing dialed this one in for me.
Yeah, don't bother the advocates with the facts.  Ignorance is bliss here.

Multimedia / Re: 2020 GT500
« Last post by Joe Babooze on October 20, 2018, 06:38:14 AM »
LOL, yeah, at what 85k....even Al Yim wasn't that greedy.
Ok, that comment says it all....nah they're just happy using Jedi mind tricks and wallet raiding to get you into mass transit and out of your car.  Then they add insult to injury by giving the Tesla hipsters economic benefits for being "green".

The only thing green I'm into has four wheels and a V8 to irritate hippies.....and Tesla deaf mutes.
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