Mustang pony grille emblem sizes?
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Mustang pony grille emblem sizes?

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Mustang pony grille emblem sizes?
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:06:16 PM »
Hi! I am expanding a project to other mustang generations and need some help.
Question #1: Can anyone tell me the following OEM pony emblem sizes?
I need the sizes from people who own either a v6 and/or a GT.

For car years:
2005-2009 (8in x 3in, already in production)

Question #2: on the 94-04 mustangs, there are tabs that hold the pony emblem onto the bracket (See attached image),
are these tabs visible from the exterior of your car, or are they only accessible once the hood is popped?

I know that these same tabs appear on later model mustangs, but you can not see them unless the hood is popped and you look behind the grille.
Is it the same for 94-04?

Question #3: Are any of you interested in beta product testing?
Looking for people who run both stock factory and aftermarket grilles to help test fitment and durability.
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