Oxygen Sensor Harness Debacle
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Oxygen Sensor Harness Debacle

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Oxygen Sensor Harness Debacle
« on: July 30, 2018, 09:42:38 AM »
background on my car, 92 original 5.0/AOD converted by previous owner to a 5 spd (Tremec 3550), which still had the A9P ECU and original oxygen sensor harness and, I believe the original trans harness (AOD). 

Now, I replaced the trans harness to a 5 spd harness, changed the computer to the A9L....Now which oxygen sensor harness would I need (or how would the jumper wire need to be configured?)  right now the O2 harness is jumpered from pin 1 to pin 5 (directly above/below each other) if that makes sense...

reason I ask, I had a HCI motor that was spraying a lot of raw fuel (no spark??not sure) thru the number 8 cylinder which was streaming down the exhaust and dripping at the muffler clamps.  So, I swapped to an 89 motor w/113k mi that ran excellent (because I thought the rings were bad or valve stems seals were failing on my HCI motor) but the 89 motor is doing the same thing!  Im thinking its the oxygen sensor harness or fuel injector harness or god forbid, the computer.  If I burned the 46 trace on my computer, what are the symptoms?  I already ran codes...only one that came back was 67 indicating NSS...which allows me to start my car without pressing the clutch, but im just gonnna leave that alone for now.

any input is appreciated.
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