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seller/buyer feedback

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seller/buyer feedback
« on: June 01, 2007, 09:04:14 AM »
after any transaction, we encourage that you leave feedback for the other member.  this will allow other members to understand what kind of person they will be dealing with in future transactions.  when leaving feedback, explain what went right, or what went wrong, and if it was an overall good or bad person to deal with.  be objective as possible, but do not flame or get out of hand.  report any derrogatory or unnecessary feedback to any moderator.  thanks  :rockon:

how do you leave/view feedback?

how to view/leave feedback on a member:

1)  click on the users profile and you will see on the bottom of their profile a comments section (if the member has no comments section, then that means no comment has been left on them yet)

it will look like this:

DO NOT ABUSE THIS FUNCTION  this function is only for transactions.  this is not myspace.  do not comment each other with stupid shit or i swear i will ban you from viewing and leaving comments.  only one warning will be made. 
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