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« on: February 26, 2007, 11:47:43 PM »
i just signed up on the forums, am i an HPM member?  
welcome to the forums, but no, you are not an official HPM member.  

how do i become an official HPM member?
first off, post in the potential members section and introduce yourself and your car.  then, wait until the next official HPM event and one of the officers will give you a new member packet.  fill out that information and give it to any club officer and they'll add you in as an official member

when's the next event?
check the events board. times and dates are always subject to change.  also, check our calendar:
we try to update the calendar as much as possible, but checking the events board is the most accurate way to check up on our events

are there any fees?
none at all.  we do encourage donations, however.

is there a commitment?
none, but we would like for you to come out to our events as much as possible.

does membership expire?
yes it does in one year.  however, it is renewable.  

who are the forum officers (this is different from CLUB officers)?
reid h. (cobrah), mark f. (pringles808), chad j. (chad89gt), jim b., joe s. (humblelx), leighton (Mustang24), cathy (Cathy69stang), and gavin (onederful100)

who are the club officers (this is different from forum officers)?
joe s. (humblelx), chuck d. (dlrs14), leighton (Mustang24), cathy (Cathy69stang), and gavin (onederful100)

how do i post images?

i dont have an account on the HPM forums, how come i can't see any attached pictures?
only those that have a screename on HPM can see attachments.  you dont need to be an official member, just a registered screename on these forums.  

how do i edit my profile?
click on "profile" on the button bar, then edit your account settings.  avatars may be uploaded, signatures must be linked.

i have a hard time registering for the forums, what do i do?
contact me directly at

what are the perks of becoming an HPM member?
theres a hidden board for discussion amongst members only.  only HPM members can view and post in it.  you will also get discounts from our sponsors.  you will also be eligible to purchase HPM apparel and stickers.  also, you can hold more PMs in your inbox

who are our sponsors?
we have many sponsors that are local and national.  as of june 2007, we have 9 total sponsors.  once you become an official member, you will be able to view the type of sponsorships that we have.

where can i get HPM stickers and shirts?
PM any club officer.  stickers are always in stock, shirts will be in stock when theres a general need for them.  $2 stickers, $10 shirts unless otherwise stated.  items are only available to official HPM members and their families/significant other.  

who makes the events?
anybody can!  but only club officers can make it an official HPM event.  if you want to make an event, post it up in the events section and PM any club officer for your request to make it an official HPM event.

are there club rules and regulations?
yes there are, they are included in the new member packet

are there forum rules and regulations?
yes there are,

why cant i post a new topic in the for sale section?
because you dont have at least 15 posts.  we do this to protect our forums from people who join in just to sell stuff.

why cant i send private messages (PMs)?
because you dont have at least 15 posts.

i dont have a stang yet, can i be a member?
well, no.  but we'll be more than happy to help you find a stang.  in the meantime, you can hangout with us at our events, but sponsor discounts and members only access will be given when you do get your stang.

do i need a modified stang to be a member?
absolutely not.  stock stangs are just as welcome as heavily modified stangs

i'm already a member of another club, can i still join HPM?
yes you can.  however, if you are a member of infamous, mischievous car clubs, your membership with HPM might be in jeopardy

when/where are the monthly meetings?
meetings are held on various days of the week at the moanalua terrace community center.  see our events section or calendar for details and dates.

how does HPM compare with the other local mustang club?
we are a larger, more active club.  we have a tendency to bring out more cars to our events.  we also have sponsorships from vendors that provide our members with discount of their products and services.  and the best part -- we do not charge any membership dues in any way, shape, or form.  
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