Aprils Feat. Stang: Chuck's 2005 Mustang GT

Member Bio: Raised out in waianae. run a wood shop. dad was a mechanic, so I've always been into cars. been into car audio since the 6th grade.

Type of Mustang: Mustang GT
Year: 2005

Interior/Audio Mods: clarion dvd deck
jl 8w0's along with 4x6 components in the doors
another ste of 4x6 components in the rear dash
2 JL 12w6's in custom subfloor
1 jl 1000/1 for the subs, 1 450/4 pushing the mids and highs
dedicated yellow top battery in the rear for the stereo
custome port through the rear deck for sound to from the trunk though to the cabin
entire car is dynamatted

Engine Mods: k&N cai, flowmaster axle back, custome sct tune....have a p1sc, waiting to go in

Suspension/Breaks/Wheels: Eibach prokit, O.Z. raffiello 20" 3 piece forged wheels.

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