August 2007 Member of the Month: Jim's 2004 Mustang Cobra & 1965 Mustang Coupe 289





Member Bio: I'm in the US Navy and just found out I picked up Chief so my life right now is frickin crazy.  Have a beautiful wife Kelly and two wonderful kids Shelby and Michael.  First got into cars when I bought my first classic, a 1964 Mercury Comet that I still own and is waiting for me in my garage in Mississippi.  Since then I have owned alot of other vehicles and almost all of them have been Fords.  Right now we own two Mustangs, a 1965 Coupe and a 2004 Cobra convertible.

Type of Mustang:Cobra Convt, Mustang Coupe
Year: 2004, 1965

Interior/Audio Mods: none, they don't make the car faster.

Engine Mods:
2004 Cobra - 2.76 Blower pulley, K &N FIPK, Bassani X-pipe with Borla Catback, Dry Nitrous kit, Steeda Sport springs, IRS brace and differential cover brace, Pro-5.0 shifter, Covertible Light bar, 17x10.5 rear rims with 315/35R17's and 3/8" wheel spacers.

1965 Mustang - Edelbrock Performer intake with Holley 600 Carb, Classic Wheels design 16" rims.

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