Decembers 2007 Member of the Month: Russell Pang's 1992 Mustang 5.0 Hatch

Members Bio:  I am a lifelong resident of Kaneohe as well as a 1982 grad of J.B.Castle High School-yes I am a Knight.I did go to college and got a degree knowing that I wouldn't be in the
industry with what my degree was in. I did work in the public sector for the State of Hawaii DOT and in the private sector for a license structural engineer. I decided to join Hawaii Performance
Mustangs because it felt more right-good people from diverse walks of life and good goals of the club.

Type of Mustang: 5.0 Hatchback 
Year: 1992 

Interior/Audio mods:  Basically stock except for gauges in center ac register. A Mr. Psycho radio delete

Engine mods:  306 DSS pistons/recon stock rods-Ted's Machine balanced stock crank, Ford Motorsports 50 oz. harmonic dampner ,(Thank you Tyler F. for the short block parts! I owe you!),
modified GT-40P heads (Thank you Dallas Brown for the cheap heads and Randynator Kubo for getting them right), Ultradyne HR cam (thank you Les Taki!), Ceramic coated old style
GT-40P headers, p/s+a/c deleted, NMRA Renegade belt tensioner set-up, old school Edelbrock Torker intake-the crooked carburetor intake, 600 cfm Holley vac sec 4 bbl carb.

Exterior mods:  Mr. Psycho antenna delete and hole fill. Needs some paint help and small rust fix on hatch.

Suspension/Brakes/Wheels:  KYB gas struts and shocks, Lakewood Slapper bars/stock 1990 LX ten hole rims painted charcoal, 8 year old plus tires, Linelock...Weld rims for the race
look which I miss!!!

Drivetrain:  Ford Motorsports clutch, stock T-5 w/ attempted modified stock shifter, assaulted 8.8 3.73 gears, old Auburn Pro 31 spline differential, 31 spline 4 bolt long stud axles.

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