January's Feat. Stang: Nick B's 2001 GT

Member Bio: Born in Whittier, Ca.  Joined the Army at 17 and got stationed at Schofied Barracks.  After getting bak from Afghanistan, bought my 2001 GT.  Married with 3 kids (2 of them are twins that are still cookin), wifes active duty navy. 

Type of Mustang: GT
Year: 2001

Interior/Audio Mods: Custom painted GTS blue interior

Engine Mods: K&N FPIK intake, Trick Flow upper plenum

Exterior Mods: Viper GTS metallic pearl blue paint job (done by me and mike, buffed by me and jim), shaved key holes, shaved trunk key, shaved antenna, front lip (thanks to henry), 8000K HID headlights, and last but not least.....HPM stickers!

Suspension/Breaks/Wheels:  Eibach 2" drop, American racing 699's staggered at 18x9F and 18x10R

Drivetrain:  B&M short throw shifter, stage 2 clutch

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