October 2007 Member of the Month: Eric's 2005 Mustang GT

Members Bio:  I was born in Hawaii back in 1965, raised most of my life in Mililani, graduated from Mililani High in 1983 then moved to Northern California to continue my education.  Moved and lived all over the united states for about 22 years but finally decided that I needed to move back home to Hawaii to be near family. I purchased my mustang in the late 2005's and since then I have fallen in love with all makes and models of mustangs, some people now call my baby the "Bumble Bee" but it's all good because HPM is like family and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Type of Mustang:  Yellow/Black Mustang GT
Year:  2005

Interior/Audio mods:  Basically stock, minor stereo upgrades, Alpine head unit, Diamond amps, mids and highs for speakers, subs to be installed soon. 

Engine mods:  Small kine mods, BBK long tube headers, BBK offroad X-pipes, Spintech Pro-Racing mufflers and SCT X-Calliber II custom tune.

Exterior mods:  Fiberglass hood.

Suspension/Brakes/Wheels:  20' American racing eagle old school rims, 285/30/20 Rear, 255/35/20 front Potenza tires and FRPP springs on there way.

Drivetrain:  Torque converter 3000 stall and 4.10 gears installed by HTR.

Future mods:  FRPP suspension upgrade, FRPP Brake upgrade, leather seat covers and a whipple s/c.

Photographed By Joe S.

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