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Please welcome Honolulu Ford as one of our primary sponsors of Hawaii Performance Mustangs. Exclusivly only for card carrying HPM members.

Pakshak.com offers only the best in detailing products. Locally owned and operated, they offer boutique products at a competitive price. Special Discounts for H.P.M Members only. So, if you havent detailed the stang recently, click on the banner above and get to it. Visit our forum section for specific details.

Thats right, Big brake kit upgrades, to new rims, caster camber plates, whatever you want. Stangsuspension.com has just been added as one of our sponsors. Exclusive to Hawaii Performance Mustangs Members only, a discount on all the mustang parts they carry will be given. See our forums for further details.

Added as our sponsor in January 07, you can now receive a discount from no other then UPRproducts.com. UPR Carry's a variety of performance and styling goodies for your mustang. Visit our club sponsor section on the forums for more information

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